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February 3-8, 2015

ARMENIA Tour: Antonio Consales concert soloist (Rachmaninov n.2) at the State Opera Theatre; Masterclass and Recital at Tchaikovsky Special Music School - Yerevan

From 3 to 8 February 2015, the expected tour in Armenia of Antonio Consales. On February 5 the artist will be host to "Rachmaninoff Gala Concert" with a concert at the National Opera and Ballet Theatre of the capital Yerevan where will be the soloist in the Rachmaninov Piano Concerto n.2 Op.18 S.with the Opera Symphony.

On 6 and 7 February Antonio Consales will hold an International Piano Master Class at the Tchaikovsky Special Music School in Yerevan and in the end only one recital.

The video of the Armenian State Television:


December 20, 2014

Christmas Concert - Cosenza, Italy 2014
ANTONIO CONSALES soloist with the Calabria Philarmonic Orchestra - dir. Filippo Arlia
- S. Rachmaninoff: Piano Concerto No.2 in C minor. -
Morelli Theatre

Even this year 'Antonio Consales will be the heroine of' now familiar Christmas Concert - City of Cosenza in support of "BAMBI" the Association Friends of the Children of pediatric surgery that offers a number of years now, through his volunteer work a valid support for the hospital ward. Sull 'wave of success obtained last year, the event planning for the next Saturday, December 20th will see on stage at the Morelli Theatre the Philharmonic Orchestra conducted by Calabria Filippo Arlia with Maestro Antonio Consales soloist in the famous Concerto for Piano and Orchestra Op.18 # 2 in C minor. S. Rachmaninoff; in the second part of the Arlia and the Philharmonic will perform the Symphony No. 5 in C minor. Op. 67, by Ludwig van Beethoven.


Antonio Consales - events calendar 2014:

February 2 - Italy
Concert: Antonio Consales soloist with the Chamber Orchestra "O. Stillo" - dir. Fernando Romano - Cathedral of Crotone,
W.A.Mozart: Concert K 414 in A Major.

13/15 March - Italy:
Studio recording - CD/DVD album "Antonio Consales - Chopin Recital"

June 9 - Italy:
Gala Concert for the Bicentennial of the founding of the 'Italian State Arma dei Carabinieri State;

August 2 - Italy:
Opening Gala Concert of the "Mediterranean Festival of Altomonte '14" - Antonio Consales soloist with the Calabria Philharmonic Orchestra, (Rachmaninoff Concerto No. 2 Op.18), F.Arlia cond.- Amphitheatre "C. Belluscio" in Altomonte

2/7 September - Turkey:
Concert and International Piano Master Class - YASAR University Concert Hall - Izmir

December 20 - Italy:
Calabria Philharmonic Orchestra - F. Arlia conductor
Antonio Consales - soloist
Christmas Concert - City of Cosenza 2014
for "Bambi" - Ass. Friends of the Children of pediatric surgery
S. Rachmaninoff: Piano Concerto No. 2 Op.18

February 3-8, 2015 - Armenia tour '15:
Concerts and International Piano Master Class
Antonio Consales soloist at the National Opera Theatre in Yerevan with the Opera Symphony Orchestra - S. Rachmaninov: Piano Concerto No. 2; Masterclass and Recital - Tchaikovsky Special Music School, Yerevan

2-7 September 2014

Antonio Consales - Concert and International Piano Master Class - Izmir, Turkey - Yasar University

Maestro Consales gave a master class international, part of the Erasmus program, at Yasar University in Izmir (Smyrna). At the conclusion of the wonderful educational experience that also saw the participation of students from different countries, as well as the same host university, the pianist gave a solo recital of music by Beethoven, Chopin and Scriabin at the Conference and Concert Hall where he picked up a remarkable success.


August 2, 2014

Antonio Consales has performed at the "Euro-Mediterranean Festival of Altomonte '14" - Gala Concert - soloist with the Calabria Philharmonic Orchestra - F. Arlia cond.-
S. Rachmaninoff: Piano Concerto No. 2 Op.18


Sold out and a resounding success of the inaugural Altomonte Euromediterranean Festival '14 held August 2 at the Amphitheatre ' C. Belluscio". Maestro Consales has collected a standing ovation at the end of his interpretation of the famous Piano Concerto No. 2 Op.18 by S. Rachmaninoff with the Calabria Philharmonic directed by Filippo Arlia.

March 15, 2014

Once the recording of Album "Antonio Consales - Chopin Recital" - the double CD / DVD soon to be released in the Italians stores.


February 2, 2014

Antonio Consales soloist with the "O. Stillo Chamber Orchestra" - Mozart: Piano Concerto K 414 in A major. - Cathedral of Crotone, Italy

"Great Mozart performance of Maestro Antonio Consales in Crotone, pianist prominent counted today with good reason the most interesting of his generation. Maestro Consales offered an interpretation of the Concerto K. 414 in A Major with an expressive power, combined with a clarity and tonal richness, the means by which the same has totally enraptured and enchanted his audience, which was taken large for the occasion."
- The Crotonese news


 December 15, 2013

Christmas Concert - Antonio Consales Solo Recital to "Bambi" - Association Friends of the Pediatric Surgery childrens of Cosenza, Italy

Antonio Consales - Christmas Concert at the Theatre "A.Rendano", December 15th h 20:00 in Cosenza, Italy. The event is aimed at supporting the Assocciation " Bambi " the Friends of the Pediatric Surgery childrens of Cosenza; all the proceeds from the event will be donated to the Association's activities.



 September 1 - 8, 2013

Antonio Consales - Summer Piano Master Class - "Crotone in Musica Festival 2013" - Isola Capo Rizzuto, KR (IT)

It will be held September 1 to 8, this year, the Master Class and piano interpretation in the program of the Festival "Music Crotone in 2013" - and will be located in the beautiful surroundings of the Village "Capopiccolo Residence Resort" to Isola Capo Rizzuto, KR (It ). The course includes 7 days of lessons, a real full immersion whose students will be engaged in an in-depth study of the repertoire (free choice); the festival aims to provide participants with the opportunity to also test a teaching commitment , also through a process of daily concerts, in which the same students will perform alongside teachers. A true residential campus, a summer school high musical perfection as it combines different musical courses, both for soloists and for chamber ensembles.
The Resort "Capopiccolo", has been shown in previous editions an ideal setting to host this event, the houses in which they are staying students, autonomous with gardens, are all equipped with practise pianos. There are countless sports facilities, wellness centers and recreational activities of all kinds that the village offers, so as to be a magnificent occasion of summer vacation, to be combined teaching commitment and musical.

Beethoven-ACAM Society of Crotone (It)-


Residence Resort Capopiccolo -


13 June to 18 July 2013

Conservatory "F. Torrefranca" of Vibo Valentia (It), "M. Clementi" Recital Hall, Palace of the Academies -
- Antonio Consales - Artistic Director

Antonio Consales will be the Artistic Director of the "Vibo Valentia PIANO MASTER" - The Festival of piano school in Calabria, a series of concerts, workshops and master classes for interpretation issued by the Conservatory "F. Torrefranca" of Vibo Valentia. Guests will be conservative: the Conservatory "S.Giacomantonio" of Cosenza and the Conservatory "F. Cilea" in Reggio Calabria. The series of events will be held within a month, from June 13 to July 18 pv at the "M. Clementi" Recital Hall, Palace of the Academies.
Soon the full program of the festival which will be published on the official website of the
Conservatory of Music "F. Torrefranca" of Vibo Valentia (It):

April 11, 2013

Antonio Consales - Piano Recital - Theatre "A. Rendano" of Cosenza, IT

"The audience at the Theatre "A. Rendano" greets with two standing ovations the pianist Antonio Consales who managed to make people dream, thrilling his hometown."

                                                      Federica Montanelli - Calabria ORA


 7-11 Jenuary 2013   /   7 έως 11 Ιαν 2013

Concert and Master-Class in Thessaloniki, GREECE - Theatre and Cultural Center Vafopoulio

"The Pianist Italian Consales between poetry and virtuosity -
     It ended with a splendid concert master of the three days that Pianist Antonio Consales Vafopoulio held at the Municipal Theatre of Thessaloniki. For the occasion, gathered the best young students of the city, but some also came from other conservatives status. The Master Consales held three days of lessons on style and musical interpretation, finding an excellent level of piano school in the city. The same Consales has stated in an interview widely satisfied with the work with the children and has sung the praises of the school's piano teacher Twin Papp, of which many of the participants were students. At the end of the masterclass Antonio Consales gave to the public and to all the students a magnificent recital with works by Mozart, Beethoven, Chopin and Liszt. The artistic qualities of the famous Italian pianist are imposed immediately through a convincing interpretation, and a high level of technical mastery. Consales has garnered a standing ovation at the end for giving a two pearls of Chopin, the author of which is revealed in particular a refined interpreter. "

                                                          Makedonia - Thessaloniki News


October 9, 2012

Antonio Consales awarded by the Cultural Commission of the City of Cosenza, IT

Day 9 October 2012 Maestro Antonio Consales was a guest of the Cultural Commission of the City of Cosenza, IT, in the meetings "Nemo Propheta in Homeland." During the meeting, the council is to highlight what has been the international artistic activity by the artist, giving him the prestigious certification titled "The City of Telesio".



October-November 2012

Professional Course of High Qualification in Music, Higher University Education - POR FSE Calabria - organized by the Region of Calabria, the European Union, the Italian Republic and the Society Beethoven-Acam of Crotone, IT.

Antonio Consales is Professor to Professional Courses of High Qualification in Music, Higher University Education - POR FSE Calabria - organized by the Region of Calabria, the European Union, the Italian Republic, the Society Beethoven-Acam of Crotone, IT. The course is for a maximum of 10 students, graduates to the Conservatory of Music, residents in Calabria, age limit 30 years.

Information, please contact:

Beethoven_Acam Society official web site

August 26 - September 2, 2012

Festival "Crotone in Music 2012" - Antonio Consales International Summer Piano Master Class - Workshop

Antonio Consales will hold the International Summer Piano Master- Workshop at the Festival "Crotone in Music 2012", an annual event that is based in Isola Capo RIzzuto, a beautuful seaside resort where, in addition to dive into a week of intense study, there would be opportunity to spend a week of vacation and relax.
For informations and to download the complete rules:


May 23-27, 2012

XV International Piano Competition - Preeze "V. Scaramuzza" - Crotone, Italy

Antonio Consales is artistic consultant and member of the Giury at the XV International Piano Competition - Preeze "V. Scaramuzza" in Crotone, Italy - May 23-27, 2012.
Deadline: May 7, 2012
Informations and rules:

 August 22, 2011

"Moon Light Piano Recital - Antonio Consales at the Sun Beach Club of Cittadella del Capo - (Cosenza, Italy)

Concert at the full moon at midnight, in the wonderful setting of the Sun Beach Club in Cittadella del Capo, Cosenza, Italy; music by Beethoven, Chopin, Scriabin and Rachmaninov.

IAugust 28 - September 4 2011

Antonio Consales - International Piano Masterclass-Workshop and Recital - Festival "Crotone in Music" - Isola Capo Rizzuto (Crotone, Italy)

Festival "Crotone in Music" (August 28-September 4) - Isola Capo Rizzuto, Crotone, Italy - Capopiccolo Club Residence

Piano Masterclass-Workshop - (free choice repertoire) - Concerts for the participants;
International Piano Competition "V.Scaramuzza";

Antonio Consales Solo Recital: Beethoven, Chopin, Liszt, Rachmaninoff

Info: Beethoven-Acam Society:

Soon the program with the complete rules.


November 2010

Antonio Consales USA Tour 2010

It was a great success of the recent Antonio Consales USA Tour.
New videos and photos in the pages Multimedia and Gallery.


October 4-31, 2010

Antonio Consales USA Tour 2010

Concerts, Master Classes, Studio and Live Recording Cd/Dvd

Oregon, California, Ohio

October 4–31, 2010

Program Tour:

- Portland, Oregon -

Piano Master Class: Oct. 5, 6, 7; Final Class Recital: Oct. 7 - Classic Pianos Recital Hall (free choice repertoire);
Antonio Consales Piano Recital: Oct. 8 - Classic Pianos Recital Hall (Mozart, Beethoven, Chopin)

- San Francisco, California -

Oct. 10: Antonio Consales guest pianist at the Galà Concert of the International SF Flute Festival - Recital with Flautist Viviana Guzman (Chopin, Piazzolla, Corniglio, Monti)

Columbus, Ohio -

Piano Master Class: Oct. 12, 13, 14; Final Class Concert: Oct. 16 - Graves Recital Hall;
Antonio Consales Piano Recital: Oct. 17 - Mees Auditorium, Capital University (Mozart, Beethoven, Chopin, Scriabin);
Live Recording Dvd: Oct. 12-17;
Studio Recording Cd: Oct. 18 - 30;
Oct. 31: my student in Columbus Master Class, the prodigious Gavin George (age 7), plays Haydn Concerto in D major with the Newark-Granville Symphony Orchestra.


May 9, 2010

Antonio Consales special guest at "Gran Galà per la vita".

The ASIT is organizing the III Gala for Life, to spread the culture of organ donation and encourage research aimed to transplant nephrology.
Teatro "A. Rendano" - Cosenza (Italy)

May 28, 2010
Antonio Consales Piano Recital - "tribute  to Chopin for the bicentenary of the birth"

in honor of the renowned performer and piano teacher Annamaria Pennella which for the occasion, will receive the lifetime achievement Award "A life in music".

Conservatory “F. Torrefranca " of Vibo Valentia (Italy)

October 2009

U.S. Tour '09 - Recitals and Master Class

New videos and photos

Video (live Recital):

Recital - US Tour '09
Mees Auditorium, Capital University - Columbus - OHIO

Additional videos available on multimedia secction.

Piano Recital in New York - Live Recording Dvd

Yamaha Concert Hall - (Soon the video)

October 22-23-24, 2009

Master Class Graves Piano Auditorium
Huntington Recital Hall - Capital University
Columbus - OHIO (U.S.)

October 24, 2009

Piano Recital - Mees Auditorium
Capital University - Columbus - OHIO (U.S)
(Mozart, Chopin, Rachmaninoff)

Proceeds from this concert in support of Polio Plus Fund of Rotary International to eradicate polio







Music is the most profound revelation of all wisdom. Who penetrates the meaning of music can get rid of all miseries in which all men dragging.

(L.van Beethoven)


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